[I]Imma Drop This Bag Of Ice & Start To Flow like a Kite
As i Swang Tight Next To My Butter Fly Knife
Yes Am Gonna Keep It Original
Not a Shotta Killa But Will Play This Game Called Life
Dnt Disrespect How i Dew it
Jst Another OG Tryin To Go Threw it
Bc If It Aint Me Tryin To Maintain
Who Else Gone Do it ? i Aint Tryin To Feel No Pain
Fck Da Damn Sunshine Muthfucka Let It Rain
Imma Hard Kinda Of Nigga Wen u Step up My Game
And i Aint Gonna Let Another Bitch Try
i Shine Harder Then Your Candy Wet Ride
You Gone Hear My Bang So Might As Well Puff One & Get High
You Will Smell Nun But Dro Wen i Slide By
And If You Wanna Start To Plex Dnt You Think You Wont Except a Bye Bye !
[Click Clack]