favorite way to smoke

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Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:42 pm

Pax 2.
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a1hogmob87 wrote:
beatinupdablock wrote:who up in here fuck with that gorilla piss?
Outta there! I don't know anybody except 3-2 who still be playing in the rain like that.

Oh yeah them raw cones are the way to go. Back when I was a teenager the only thing I would smoke was optimos
shit im in n out through that bloody nickel, crane st, aldine, diane st, what the straccs going for where your at?
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i've come to prefer smoking my cannabis mixed with the ashes of our sacred dead, like my dudes the hindi aghori sadhu holy men.

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luv bluntz......
but in a apartment its hard without stankin up the whole thang
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im all about that glass
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Dabs if I got em, herb in a RAW paper :)
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bongs. i fw blunts n shit but shit gets expensive real quick if that's all im smokin
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i put my smoke in between two tiny bamboo sticks, hold the shit with two fingers then zip it in down slowly, what a good feeling of relieve
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Joints bowls and bongs
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My Moms mother, I swear, could read through the back of your dominos. My Dad is the same way. Two rounds and he will tell you what dominos you got.
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